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NISHIMURA Takeshi, D.Sc.

Associate Professor

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Since I first became interested in language as an undergraduate student, I have been studying the evolution of language, and in particular the evolutionary processes of the biological basis of speech as a medium of language communication. Together with a number of collaborators, I aims to understand the derived faculties and evolution of speech in humans using multidisciplinary approaches, including anatomy, vocal physiology and behavioral experiments, acoustic analysis, numerical simulations, electrophysiological experiments, etc. in non-human primates.

We have conducted other studies on human and primate evolution, such as simulation studies on the physiological properties of the nasal passage, studies on the evolutionary process of Afro-Eurasian monkeys by using CT scan analysis of fossil primates, etc..


NISHIMURA Takeshi, D.Sc.

1975 born in Kobe, Japan
1998 B.Sc., Faculty of Science, Kyoto Univ.
2003 D.Sc., Graduate School of Science, Kyoto Univ.
2003 PostDoc Researcher, Primate Research Institute, Kyoto Univ. 
2004 JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD), Graduate School of Science, Kyoto Univ.

2007 Associate Professor, Primate Research Institute, Kyoto Univ.

2013.10 Visiting Researcher, Department of Cognitive Biology, the University of Vienna (-2014.09) 

2019 Part‐time Lecturer, School of Cross-Cultural Studies, Sugiyama Jyogakuen University

2022 Associate Professor, Center for the Evolutionary Origins of Human Behavior, Kyoto Univ.

2004 Takashima Award, Primate Society of Japan
2015 Anthropological Science Achievement Award for Young Investigators, Anthropological Society of Nippon (Japan)

2020 Ig Nobel Prize, Acoustics (Joint)


Academic Societies 
Anthropological Society of Nippon (Japan, ASN); Primate Society of Japan (PSJ); Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan (SES); American Association of Biological Anthropology (AABA), International Primatological Society (IPS)

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